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And she said yes! -Arshiya and Naunidh

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“A wanderer in search of the other, a wonderer in search of another, both found the one in each other. As dedicated to their professions as they are to their passion for travel – we always try to make the most of each trip both in terms of experiences and finances”

A married couple based in Delhi, fell head over heels for each other in 2015. 4 years of marriage, 28 countries and countless cities later, they started an Instagram page dedicated to their travel tales in May 2018.

Arshiya (aka Miss Lash ) and Naunidh ( aka Mr. Stache) provide detailed accounts of all the places they’ve traveled to on their social media page. While Arshiya is a Delhi Girl, working full time with an MNC, Naunidh is a hardcore Delhi Guy and a full time lawyer.

Travel Mantra

Travel for them is not only about exploring places together, it is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Their Travel Mantra:


This being the most important aspect while travelling, they scope out their budget related to tickets, accommodation, activities and a predictive per day cost before taking the trip. They also try and use the loyalty points with Airlines, hotels and the credit card points quite often to book the travels.

Don’t miss out on the great deals

They make sure to keep an eye out for special offers to book flights/hotels etc. and always use loyalty programs and sign up for free Reward programs


Before starting any journey, they thoroughly research the weather, interesting cultural, festivals etc, so as to go prepared to get lost in that aura. They make sure to be ready with their ” To-Do” list.

Another important point up their planning is the Location of accommodation- They choose an accommodation close to the city center so that they save up on travel costs and everything is within walking distance instead of spending money on taxis.

Their research plan always includes a Free Walking Tour (almost every big city has a few) where one can always interact with locals and see a less touristy side of a place. This is never a disappointment if researched properly.

Blend planning and spontaneity

While the duo is always ready with a perfect plan before they start the travel, they always try to keep a day at least to explore the city by foot without a map and randomly discover some hidden gems.

The most what they embrace is the local culture and the warmth it provides. In the experience they have had, the hotel concierge would almost always send you to commercial places which are not close to the real deal. Be in the moment, is what they believe in the most. Sometimes there are moments that are more peaceful and beautiful, and its better to live these moments than to put out the camera and start clicking them.

And she did say yes, to his dreams, the travel plans to those planned unplanned trips, and not just because she wanted to be with him, but also because she too had a soul made of wanderlust, exactly like his.

“An Instagram page that was started as a hobby to keep track of all our travel, soon became a passion and fueled our wanderlust. Having received so much love in such a short span of time – we hope to enable fellow travel enthusiasts to make the most of their upcoming trips and see the world through our lens” ~ Mr.Stache and Miss.Lash.

Source : The Intellectual Indian