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To Dolly, it’s just a way of life- Dolly

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…and when passion turns into business, Success stories are created”

For many of us dream to make it big, to do the impossible, but little we understand that sometimes it’s all about being yourself, doing what you love and loving what you do. Like it’s said ” When you want something all the universe conspires to help you achieve it” and for Shruthi it was her obvious fondness towards her work that led her beyond the wildest dreams.

Shruthi aka Dolly Founder of Chilly Studio her social media family that she created in 2015 – is a Digital Content Creator based out of Bangalore, India who is constantly inspiring and motivating her followers on social media, by encouraging them to take the steps towards a positive change.

Like it wasn’t planned, it was just meant to be:

Dolly being a travel enthusiast right from her childhood has always loved exploring new places, meeting new people and educating herself about new cultures and traditions. She headed the fashion and dance teams during her college years. After her masters she founded multiple ventures – Founded her own cooking studio, also founded the Fashion & Lifestyle Instagram and Youtube channel.

Having traveled extensively all her life, travel has turned into her passion. She shares her travel stories, food reviews and styling tips on casual & comfortable clothing across multiple social media platforms.

She has even contributed time and money towards charitable institutions, often volunteering at old age homes and orphanages and raising funds for them.

Inspiring the inspiration is her way of life:

Her primary goal at the moment is to encourage, motivate and inspire young girls and women to achieve their goals in life by helping them to not worry about what the world thinks of their choices. She pushes them to have an “I don’t care attitude” so that the women feel liberated to go and fulfill their dreams without them being scared of being judged by society. 

She now has a blessed social media family of 35,000+ followers who look up to her and try to emulate her. She recently had a meet and greet session with her followers who were extremely elated and happy to have met their role model in person. This is her passion-now and forever; and she is extremely happy to be doing what she loves.

She has a very confident personality and constantly demonstrates a positive attitude and has the aura and ability to uplift the spirits of people around her. Hard work, leadership skills, caring attitude and consistent kindness are just some of the characteristics.

Multitasking and dolly seem to share a great bond,

At home, she is a caring wife/daughter-in-law who manages the atmosphere at home in an effortless manner. Outside of home, she is an independent woman who is involved in many different ventures and activities that strive towards making her small world a better place to live in. She encourages her followers to put their goals and aspirations as their #1 priority at the same time asking them to be genuine, real, and good citizens of this country. Her work life and personal life balance is exceptionally great and is something admired by many. 

Source : The Intellectual Indian